Matthew Robinson: Dedicated Kansas City Photographer and Entrepreneur

No matter what you do in life or where you go, a strong foundation is needed. Whether that foundation comes from external factors or not, the importance of building yourself and the people around you remains evident. Notice how I didn’t mention that it would be easy by any means, as most of us are aware, strength often times comes with the endurance of life’s tribulations and what personal struggles we may face. We stumble, we fall-hell, I’ve admittedly been broken quite a few times, but you know what? I could always come home to the strength of my family and friends, not so in reliance of them but because of the fearless love they provide each and every day; rain or shine. The dedication and heart of my network began to expand when I decided to create this platform so it is only right to highlight an artist who not only encompasses these qualities but also aligns with helping others see their potential in the world-Kansas City Photographer, Matthew Robinson.

August 29, 2019-

It’s midday on a Thursday afternoon and I’ve found myself sitting on a bench, working from my laptop as I canvas the calming scenery from Wyandotte County Lake. It’s the 5th year anniversary of my father’s passing and I’m surprisingly able to sit in one of his favorite places without shedding a tear. Instead, motivation came to push forward with an event I had decided to plan 4 months prior; a small family reunion to honor him. Although many ideas came to me about where we should go and what activities to include, I knew for certain that I needed a photographer to capture these upcoming memories for my family.

I found Matthew Robinson through Instagram and Twitter actually. After following him for several weeks, I caught some hilarious jokes but more importantly witnessed how serious he was about his work as he promoted himself often while also spoke highly of and encouraged positivity in Kansas City. Respectful and professional responses were what I received when asking details about prices and arrangements for services. He explained thoroughly what was included in the pricing so I would have a clear understanding and made sure to emphasize the quick 24 hour turnaround for the photos taken. After this conversation, he was set as the photographer I needed for this special occasion.

Nostalgia Clothing
When asked what made Matthew proud to be from Kansas City, he responded, “Everything. The people, small business…people don’t understand, from both sides, that our city is on the bubble for a lot things”.

A week later I got a chance to sit down with Matthew to discuss his career in photography and his life as a Kansas City artist. It was no surprise that photography wasn’t the only skill up his sleeve. Although Matthew decided to pursue this photography career full-time a few months ago, he stated that him and his business partner of 5 years have built and driven a successful clothing brand, Nostalgia Clothing Co.. The line’s distinctive urban style along with the heavy Kansas City influence makes this such a stand out brand and one that has gained much attraction with the release of their latest products. Definitely recommend checking out the site to find your favorite piece, but for me, the ‘Black Sun Beanie” is must for my wardrobe as you may have already guessed.

Nostalgia Clothing

As if the photography and clothing line isn’t enough, Matthew also emphasized his community service efforts for his beloved hometown as he states for the past 3 years he has helped lead a winter clothing drive. After hearing and seeing the vast contributions Matthew provides to his city, I had to ask where he got his inspiration. The answer came easy and immediately as he stated that his parents played a major role in the man he is today. With their 34 years of marriage, he has gained understanding through their experiences and teachings. Words which were all too relatable. Like myself, he proudly and accurately represents Kansas City, Kansas, more specifically the amazing Black people of Wyandotte County.

It meant a lot to us to have these precious memories captured by someone with his eye. Not only am I recommending his photography for any type of event, you’ll get a chance to see more of his work throughout the rest of the Kansas City series. Below are a few of the gorgeous photos of my family. Thank you Matthew, for giving us an unforgettable experience and providing us a better look of my beautiful family.

Joylisa Mcclendon-Focused, Independent, Loving
Allen McClendon III and boyfriend Scott; Loving, Determined, Dependable
Birda Hill; Loyal, Visionary, Loving
Terra Hill; Resiliant, Ambitious, Introverted
Samuel Hill Jr.; Funny, Loving, Thinker
Samantha Hill; Diva, Outspoken, Caring
April Hill; Loving, Devoted, Social-Activist
Yours truly, The Black Sunflower

What is one thing that you feel or hope your photography gives people?

“I hope it gives people confidence, a different view of themselves. Even though they got themselves dressed and checked the mirror this morning, I can still provide a surprising angle”. -Matthew Robinson

Written by Michelle Hill

See you Next Sunday for our next Kansas City Artist Review: Te’ Minor

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