Queen Latifah: All Hail the Queen

As her reign continues, we bounce back to the Queen Latifah’s trailblazing debut album; All Hail the Queen.

There are many reasons why I’ve idolized Queen Latifah for so many years as the multi-talented artists has caused movement in my life and for others, spanning generations.

The one reason that stands out the most is her role as Khadijah James in the hit 90’s sitcom, Living Single. With a character created in the likeness of herself, she expressed strength, endurance, confidence, empathy and an overall realness. Those traits have stuck with me since I was a young writer and coincidently, it isn’t until now that I’ve chosen to revisit her debut album, that I have begun to see that I was actually watching myself become who I am today as well. With her longstanding words, Latifah inspires me to take look back and learn from the great artists that came before me, such as herself. What better way to motivate myself during the beginning stages in my career than to review debut album; All Hail the Queen.

Notable tracks from All Hail the Queen

Come into My House

The undeniable rhythm challenges you to get through even through the first ten seconds without moving a part of your body. Toe tapping, shoulders shaking, chest rising and falling with excitement and energy to match the vibe she delivers. Sharp sirens shoot off in contrast to the sting instruments while the Queen stresses the sensual invitation, “Come into my house”. This house party welcomes you to come rock and revel in this moment of necessary movement; to release pleasure through music and dance. A reminder that there is no time to wait to celebrate this physical expression and she lyrically creates the perfect atmosphere for it.

Wrath of My Madness

THE CROWD GOES WILD!! You immediately begin to hear the rave of faint screams on roaring as it gives room for the beat to breathe before she comes through with a cool-confident flow. The Jersey realness in her voice does a tight-walk on the plucking guitar baseline as her words soak into your thoughts. Your ears lean in as the lyrical content continues to grow as Latifah lands line-after-line. Quite effortlessly proving her royal status in Hip-Hop, she emphasizes the responsibility and weight of her words with the line, “Word of mouth is always everlasting and everlasting are the words that I bring”. Completely in agreement, I am strongly encouraged to keep sharing my purpose with intent and just as much pride that Queen Latifah exudes in this track.

Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill

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