The Kansas City Renaissance Narrative

Meet the Black Kansas City artists featured for The Black Sunflower’s upcoming project, The Kansas City Renaissance Narrative.

Yes, Kansas City is the home of the 2020 Super Bowl champs but there is much more happening here. Lately, we have felt our city changing in ways unimaginable and often we don’t get the representation that we deserve, and the percentage gets smaller when we consider how the Black community is seen within the metropolitan area. With a magnifying cultural shift beginning to unfold, KC creatives are coming to light to share their purpose across mediums. Seeking out Black creative talent, The Black Sunflower is dedicated to sharing stories that are true reflections of the undeniable renaissance underway.

Much like our previous Kansas City Series, it’s imperative to demonstrate our influence and innovation in creative spaces that can and will spread it’s transformative energy to the masses. Our voices and our visions will be seen on a scale that is comparable to the impact that is being made each day in our city. The plan is to do this with the partnership of the Black artists that were chosen for the upcoming series which begins March 1st. Thank you to the last series’ featured artists for recommending the below creatives. Another chance to spread inspiration and to show the world that our flowers bloom all over the city. Kansas City, are you ready?

The Kansas City Renaissance Narrative
Come, watch us bloom.

Read up on the artists for The Kansas City Renaissance NarrativeHERE

Cynethia Williams
Mar. 1st
Jakobi Seawood
Mar. 8th
Toni Bynes
Mar. 15th
Mar. 22nd
Martika Daniels
Mar. 29th
John Pannell
Apr. 5th
Ryan C. Hamilton
Apr. 12th

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