Cynethia Williams: Vibrant Fashion Stylist

Kansas City artist, Cynethia Williams creates waves as a vibrant Fashion Stylist and influencer.

There are times where the pressure of pursuing your passion is so high that it’s suffocating. This is when the fear of failure and the rushing momentum in life keeps us wrapped up in what we know too well; our comfort zones. We may want to do more and be more but sometimes we feel an unspoken weight pulling us down, keeping us in a monotonous nightmare of stagnation. This leaves us asking ourselves, “How do I push through my fear and welcome these necessary changes?”. Truth is, we don’t do it alone. If we’re open enough, the right person or people can help you craft the perfect escape route from that comfort zone. One influential person who has done this for me recently has been the vibrant Kansas City, Missouri Fashion Stylist; Cynethia Williams.

Wednesday, February 12th-

The sun has to set on this rigid, rainy day as I carefully drive to meet with Cynethia in Independence, MO. We’re scheduled for a very last minute styling session. Two days prior I received an unexpected invite for a trip to New Orleans to enjoy a fun-filled Mardi Gra weekend with one of my best friends. As excited as I was for the trip, I was stunned by the realization that there wasn’t much left in my closet that I could fit with my recent weight loss. Instead of frantically searching on my own, Cynethia welcomed the chance to showcase her skillful eye and carved out time in her schedule to help me feel and look my absolute best.

Vibrant Fashion Stylist
Photography: Matthew Robinson
Williams on her brand: “I would describe my brand as very chique, modern and culture focused. I’m a genuine person of service”. -Cynethia Williams

This wasn’t our first styling session as Cynethia had put together two fun-punk looks for my family reunion and a Willow Smith concert. Now, meeting for the second time, she came in even more prepared to expand my wardrobe and my mind to so much more. Over several conversations, I opened up to her about my own fashion choices and what factors generally went into the decisions I made.

Like many tall women, I struggled in high school and college with finding pants that suited me lengthwise. This led to some anxiety and many frustrating shopping trips but thankfully a gradual appreciation for my legs as I began defaulting to dresses more. Although it had been a challenge in the past, Cynethia’s collaborative efforts came charging in at time when I needed it most. I was finally ready to fully express myself as the self-proclaimed artist I’ve been growing into.

Vibrant Fashion Stylist
Photography: Matthew Robinson
What challenges did you face starting out? “I would say getting in my own way and self doubt. When you roll out your business, you want everything perfect and it can be intimating.” -Cynethia Williams

When I sat down to interview Cynethia, I got a chance to really dig into her creative process as a stylist. During the last 8 years she has meticulously honed her skills and found that at the core of her engagement with clients she knew she had to start with these important components:

  • What do they want to achieve?
  • How do they dress now?
  • Attention and detail to the client’s shape and body figure.
  • Conscious effort to incorporate what the client actually likes.
  • Want for the client to stay true to themselves.

By starting with these components, Cynethia ensured that this process would be seamless and tailored specifically for me. Considering the many differences between individual clients, I asked this influencer how she identified a successful project. To my surprise, her answer was a clear indication on how significant our partnership would be. “I want to inspire you to take control of your own style“, she said directly. This let me know that her passion focused on far more than just one moment or one specific event. An ever-growing process, I acknowledged. It was an empowering statement that has already encouraged me to take more chances on myself in ways I needed.

Vibrant Fashion Stylist
Photography: Matthew Robinson
Cynethia on her pivotal moment: “Getting accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design in California was a pivotal moment for me. There was self-doubt but I pushed through.

To add to her intuitive styling capabilities, we discussed how she demonstrated her fashion sense in other ways. She specializes in closet organization, which focuses on items such as color coordination, transitional outfits, and essential pieces. Taking her talents to a larger scale, Home and Interior design is also on the horizon. Within the next few months, Cynethia is excited to share her upcoming Fashion Blog. With Kansas City Fashion Week  around the corner, we look forward to seeing her in the mix. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get to see more of her fabulous looks throughout the Renaissance Narrative as well.

As my style evolves, I can’t help but feel like I am shedding my old skin in a sense. With this newness, I can feel myself becoming a stronger, more confident and conscious version of myself. Working with Cynethia, I knew my wardrobe would change however, my mindset and personality began to glow with the same vibrancy. Without warning, her influence brought about new ways to love myself and to love my body. It’s undeniable how necessary her work is to the Kansas City community as we find ourselves building a new standard here. Having reflective artists like Cynethia in our midsts contributes to our rising and most importantly teaches us to nurture it on our own.

Vibrant Fashion Stylist
Photography: Matthew Robinson
What do you want your audience to take from your work?I want my clients to feel confident in the way they look, to give them their own confidence back”. -Cynethia Williams

See you next Sunday for our upcoming artist review: Jakobi Seawood

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