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Jakobi Seawood: Dedicated Fashion Designer

Dedicated Kansas City artist, Jakobi Seawood leads with continued motivation.

Somewhere off in the distance of time lies your future. There lies your unlocked secrets to your success, with the stepping stones of ambitions between here and then. Striving daily to see a natural progression of ourselves, we also come across a certain motivation and inspiration within us. By keeping to our purpose, that light begins to manifest as it reaches out to those waiting to be seen in dark places. We may not be able to take everyone with us on our journey however the legacy of our lives will be left with every person we impact along the way. This critial reminder came through with such sharpness upon meeting Kansas City, MO Fashion Designer, Jakobi Seawood.

Thursday, January 16th-

It’s early in the evening and an overwhelming tiredness has started to settle in my bones. If there was anything that could shake this feeling, it’s an insightful conversation. Thankfully, part of exploring my purpose is experiencing many of these conversations and tonight I get the pleasure of speaking with Fashion Designer, Jakobi Seawood. Intentionally I arrive to the restaurant early in anticipation of hearing the story of this unique artist. As the 2 hours passed quickly, so many creative ideas, encouragement and words were exchanged during that time. The engagement was effortless as this artist expresses his excitement and pride in sharing pieces of himself and his prominent clothing brand, Project Nova.

Dedicated Fashion Designer
A lot of us don’t know how to come together quite yet but I want to bring something different with Fashion in KC“. -Jakobi Seawood

The self-taught designer began building his career with Project Nova in 2013. For roughly 7 years he has challenged himself to create content that is a reflection of his game-changing style and determination. Although previously named, ‘Werd Clothing’, the current brand title struck a chord with me as I listened to Jakobi elaborate on it’s meaning. “The word ‘project’ indicates a work in progress while ‘Nova’ is defined as a star that shines bright.”, he states boldly.

The emphasis on this idea that even a work in progress can still be something to leave a blinding impact was self affirming to my own path. As mentioned before, focusing on perfection can oftentimes cause many people to fear their own potential and can stifle growth. There was a sense of relief as it served as a reminder that wherever you may be in your process, there is someone who feels inspiration from your work.

Dedicated Fashion Designer
Photo provided by Jakobi Seawood
What words come to you on those low days? “You gotta decide if you want it more than you’re afraid it”. -Jakobi Seawood

Since the brand’s first garment, a Black Baseball Tee, the range in appearal types has expanded. There’s been articles such as men and women fitness lines, diverse t-shirt lines, and even lingerie. Jakobi also demonstrates his community involvement with the brand as he took on a role coaching a 5th grade AAU basketball team. This opportunity was able to bring confidence to these rising stars by revamping the jersey style and logo for the team. This sparked his interests in creating more pieces for what he refers to as the “Kid Nova” line. The commitment to inspire and motivate while authentically being himself is something impressive to highlight here. He makes it clear that there are no gimmicks when it comes to his ethics and the content he produces.

Dedicated Fashion Designer
Photo provided by Jakobi Seawood
Model wearing Project Nova Brand clothing.

As new ideas and project come his way, Jakobi has made very intentional decisions when it comes to growing in his artisty. Early on in his career, he eagerly accepted an apprentiship where he gained insights on garment reconstruction and screenprinting. Since then he has added to this knowledge with an expertise in embroidery designs as well.

Another important decision that he made was actually stepping away and taking a neccessary break from design. He spoke candidly of the internal conflict with his pride, wanting to do it all but just couldn’t. “I had to give myself time to fall back in love with it.“, he stated. Once again, his words came with a profound revelation when it comes to understanding your passion. Weary days are inevitable but knowing and trusting yourself to slow down is a true definition of dedication. His example of self-care allowed him to reapproach his craft in an organic way and with a brighter energy. It’s with much excitement that within the up-coming months, we’ll get to see new work from the outstanding artist.

Dedicated Fashion Designer
Photo provided by Jakobi Seawood
What does a successful project look like for you? “In anything-Just working through completion. I always want to praise myself for the dedication it took to get there”. -Jakobi Seawood

Gauranteed to make an impression on Kansas City, Jakobi’s integrity and caliber of work is sure to be celebrated. He is a shining light for creatives like myself as there is always an honest encouragement spoken through his work and words. Like a bright star, I expect to see his legacy continue for his dedication will influence many others behind him. I am thankful to witness this drive and persistance from an artist who is truly invested in changing our culture for the better.

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