Toni Bynes: Serving Makeup Madness

Kansas City artist, Toni Bynes serves makeup looks that’ll drive you wild.

Anxiety is high but so are the stakes. We know, deep down, that the changes that are happening must happen. If anything is for certain it’s that, this may very well be the best time for reflections. To be able to pause and redirect our intentions as we move into new spaces, physically and digitally. Adaptability in the wake of our current events provides a sense of determination to continue our purpose. When it feels like the world is going mad, what else is there to do but to put on a brave face. No one is better equipped or experienced with faces than Kansas City, Kansas Make-Up Artist, Toni Bynes.

Thursday February 6th-

It’s the end of another long week and I’m heading to the last interview I have scheduled for the series. With rush hour traffic beginning, we make our way to The Country Club Plaza to chat over sushi and drinks. Although this wasn’t our first interaction, this interview with Toni Bynes went beyond my expectations. Like many other interviews, time slipped away as the conversation unfolded. During exchange, I found that her knowledge and creativity spoke directly to the changes that were to come. The noted Makeup Artist shows no fear in her aesthetic and attitude regardless of life’s challenges.

Serving Makeup Madness
Toni Bynes modeling KC Brand Nostalgia Clothing

Knowing the inconsistencies that come along with pursuing art, the discussion came around to encouragement. I asked Toni what she tells herself to continue to keep her creative fire aflame. “We got shit to do.”, she stated firmly. “At the end of the day, we have things we want to accomplish and in this industry nobody can do that for me“. She joked lightly about her response not being, “inspirational” enough, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. The words seemed to crawl into my back pocket, awaiting to be remembered when necessary.

Since then, the persevering spirit of those words has reassured me twice now. The first was upon receiving a rejection letter for a grad school program a week after our interview. The second instance being earlier this week while feeling the angst of the art world, wrestling to stay afloat in light of the chaotic news. Even at this time where a lot seems uncertain, I knew this incredible artist would still be making a way for herself. Spreading the courage for me to do the same for myself as well.

Serving Makeup Madness
Descibe yourself in 3 words.
I’ll give you 4-Coolest motherfucker you know“. -Toni Bynes

With being a self-taught Makeup Artist and licensed Esthetician, Toni gets to provide more than affirming words. Her brand Blushed Out by Toni offers an array of skin care services, from the “Sexy Blush” fully glammed-up makeup looks to even One-on-One makeup lessons. Of course, she also delivers stellar group projects for weddings and handles multiple looks for fashion shoots and designer shows. This also goes to mention her adaptability when it comes to the diversity of styles, models and clientele that she collaborates with. When asked about some of the challenges she faced, she began to speak about how it shaped her goals. “One of the challenges is getting more clients who are looking for Beauty Editorial looks. I want to experiment more with glitter and colors.“, she stated.

*Photos provided by Toni Bynes’ portfolio. Follow models and photographers on Instagram: @_.Mayan, @Lex_Jayyy, @jordin.hart, @toriruphotos, @siklooks

As the opportunities for editorial shoots begin to present itself, Toni’s mastery of her craft becomes even more apparent. Her detail to color and textile choices along with her ability to accentuate various skin tones, clearly makes her a top contender in this artistry. “I just had this thing about eyebrows. They can make or break a face.”, Toni says while speaking about the beginning of her career. It’s thrilling to see how her ideas will evolve to say the least. So much so, that we have partnered with this wonderful artist for a unique editorial shoot set(tentatively) to be released Wednesday, March 25th, here on The Black Sunflower platform.

Serving Makeup Madness
What does a successful project look like for you?
Happy clients, bomb ass pictures and more chances to work with new models and fashion shows“. -Toni Bynes

Although Toni has been nominated for multiple awards for her work in Kansas City, she states that she doesn’t feel like she’s had her “wow” moment yet. The perseverance that she has set forth to get to that moment, is an inspiration in itself. This was a reminder of the responsibility of what I have dedicated myself to; preserving our history and culture through as varying artistic lenses. Toni Bynes is a Kansas City artist that exemplifies the strength that it takes to keep pushing for more. Her work won’t just assist us in finding normalcy but to once again encourage us to elevate our passions as individuals and as a community.

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