MABKC: Driven Producer and Musician

How Kansas City music producer, MABkc is making his impact on the city.

Give me something here. Something more to think about other than disdain and a wrongful sense of hopelessness. It starts as a rhythmic tide, rising  to the opportunity of making us feel like ourselves again. It is the pulse, the beat, the strumming reassurances when we may need them most. The sound of Music takes its breath in these moments, releasing new life and vibration into the world. It is at this time and at every resounding moment that we take time to appreciate those that can bend the world’s ear. To those restless musicians who hold so much faith in their discipline and dedication to their craft. Undoubtedly sparking the same in so many others, creatively.  Someone who holds these traits in the Kansas City community is Musician and Producer, MABkc.

Tuesday February 4th-

Driving down I-35 north, contemplating if I had actually ever been to Blue Springs, MO. If I had, it would have been years ago and for an instance that I couldn’t remember. Until now, I didn’t have a reason to. Here was another opportunity to explore in more ways than one. The excitement felt new and grew tremendously upon reaching my destination. After 30 minutes, I arrived at Industry Soundz recording studio for follow-up discussion with noted Music Producer, MABkc. Welcomed in like an old friend, I was given the tour of the studio. Accented on one of the walls is the studio’s distinct logo, while a line of guitars sit below, each waiting their turn. There was a humming invite to create and collaborate  throughout each of the rooms. For 6 years, the recording studio has been open for dynamic partnerships with other artists while MABkc has effortlessly maintained his authentic sound.

Driven Producer and Musician
Photography by: Matthew Robinson
Describe your Brand: “Want my brand to stand for itself; all Black and Black owned”. -MABkc

Proud of the work he has put forth, the musician describes how he began to shape his enduring mentality with producing music. “I have a hustler’s passion for music. The music industry is up and down. You have to grind through“, he stated. In order to grow in his field, MABkc also mentions the personal decisions he made for career. Some of those decisions included taking business classes, seeking out conferences and participating in mentorship opportunities. Shortly before the passing of Los Angelos legend, Nipsey Hussle, he participated in a unique ablum listening session with the Rapper. Not unlike other networking events for this artist, he was able to share this experience with a room of many other talented producers and creators. It’s clear that his motivation has brought him to where he is now in his career.

As his business and brand continue to grow, I talk with MABkc about how he views success in the work he produces. “I like to see continued engagement from fans, encouragement from family and friends, along with more clients.”, he states. These were all things that the producer recognized, especially evident as studio bookings continue to fill most of his days. Of the respected list of artists he states that fellow Kansas City artist and R&B/Soul Singer Love, Mae C. even recently recorded her last album at Industry Soundz. MABkc emphasized that his focus is to create a safe environment for all artists to produce content.

Driven Producer and Musician
Photography by: Matthew Robinson
Don’t let your emotions get the best of you“. -MABkc

Currently MABkc states that he has been inspired to create more beats and collaborate with other producers even more lately. This led into a curious conversation about beat-making and mixing, specifically wanting to know when he listens for in those initial stages. MABkc responds, “I like finding stuff I can build on to. It’s gotta speak to me“. The ingenuity spoke in that moment. It revealed again what was amazing about artists like him. He was someone who could find hidden harmonies and rhythms. Obtaining a skillset that expanded sound to a newness of unlimited potential. Elated to witness work in progress, MABkc shared some of his unreleased songs with me as well. Each one stamped with intricate transitions and signature KC riding vibes.

Those same musical characteristics can also be explored more through Industry Soundz’s online ‘Beat Store’. There was ease moving throughout the website and numerous tracks to lose yourself in, I found out. Here’s a few tracks that I would recommend checking out: “Life“, “Sleeping at Night” and “Hear Your Voice“.

Driven Producer and Musician
Check out Industry Soundz beats here: Beat Store

If there’s anything that this artist has shown me and the community is that there is always room for growth. There is room for things to get better, to be able to build with each other. MABkc musical and community contributions help to instill a vision of unlimited potential for our city. We are at a place where it may feel like we’re starting over but to artists like him, there is always something to build on. The creative space of Industry Soundz provides a quite literal baseline during this time of revision. Thank you for living an example that motivates many others to keep creating in their own way.

Driven Producer and Musician
Photography by: Matthew Robinson
What motivation quotes sticks with you the most?
Not just next time but every day” -MABkc

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