“Golden Legacy”, Celebrating Juneteenth 2020

The Black Sunflower celebrates Juneteenth 2020 with private collection of the Black historic illustrated magazine.

On this day of joy and celebration across the nation and worldwide, we take a look back at the history of our country. In our day of rememberance, we have to give thanks to those that have carried stories of the continued work of Black people. By no means am I saying that there aren’t many things that still need to get us to full liberation. However, I do want to emphasize our perserverence through and through. I’ve been taking the time recently to begin going through my mother’s, April Hill, personal collection of Black Magazines.

The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.-1972

Hill’s collection consists of many original copies of well known magazines such as Essence, Savoy, Black Enterprise, Honey, Heart and Soul, Jet, Ebony and one of the oldest she owns, Golden Legacy Illustrated History Magazine. The Golden Legacy magazine dates range from years 1967-1972. April’s collection consists of 9 out of 16 volumes of the magazine. Each volume has it’s own beautiful interpretation through written story and visuals for some of our most prominent leaders. All advocates and explorers in their own right, their visions have taken the Black Community to new heights. Through rich textures and colors in each copy, Black History is given it’s rightfully golden highlights.

The Life of Matthew Henson-1969

Alexander Dumas and Family-1969

Men of Action: White, Wilkins & Marshall-1970

Black Cowboys-1972

The Saga of Harrient Tubman, “The Moses of Her People”-1967

Crispus Attucks and the Minutemen-1967

Frederick Douglas Part 1-1969

Frederick Douglass Part 2-1970

Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

Explorer of new worlds. Lover of Black music, arts and culture. Writer and Editor for The Black Sunflower.

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