Write Away: Urgent Call to Black Writers in Kansas City

Seeking visionary voices, The Black Sunflower dedicates it’s latest series to Black writers in Kansas city.

Going into 2020, many of us saw visions of ourselves excelling in personal and professional goals. Sights were set on reinvention within each of us and in our communities, however no one could expect the disruptions that have come. For the last 6 months, the entire world has had front row seats to an inevitable uprising that is honestly long overdue. Isolation and innovation are growing together. There are changes being made and felt widely-collectively. As a writer, I believe there’s different feelings involved with discovering our new world. The shift in time has brought on many questions on how to move forward. How has our circumstances caused movements to our thoughts, individual spaces and most critically, our words? What does the world need to hear from us currently? In this stormy, stormy chaos, where can we safely rest our voices?

This has led to an initiative that will focus the next series specifically on Black writers in the Kansas City area. The Kansas City Renaissance series was a strong start to understanding how our community is currently working through the challenges. Now is the time to dive into the Black writing community and highlight their efforts to translate the changes within our city. When it comes to artists in the Midwest, we’ve always been quite literally, in the middle of things and this time it is no different. Now is the ultimate time to uplift our voices and to share our stories from our point of view.

For this series, we are looking to interview 8 Black writers currently living in the Kansas City area. Preferably, individuals that are using their voices to help navigate and reflect the newness that is presenting itself during this time. It is important to explore various lenses through writing that includes but not limited to poetry, fiction, non-fiction, songwriting, screenwriting, comics and/or blog articles. Lastly, the writer features are opened to individuals who may or not be published. If you are a Black writer discovering or expanding your voice, we want to hear from you.

Interested in being featured? Fill out the form below. Submissions will be open until Wednesday, July 8th. Featured writers and start date for upcoming series will be announced on July 15th.

Submissions are closed

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Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

Explorer of new worlds. Lover of Black music, arts and culture. Writer and Editor for The Black Sunflower.

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