Wildflower Project: Ode to Black Writers of Kansas City

The anticipated writer’s series set to start in less than two weeks

Here is the thing about Black writers of Kansas City; we reflect a unique group of explorers and leaders through our talents. We are risk-takers, imagination drivers and critical believers of our words and work. Traveling with the wind, collecting experiences like trinkets to be given. We continue circulating our precious stories, planted with our proven growth in any place we venture. The substance behind our words can only be described as the Wildflower Project. This is group of writers whose adventurous spirits help us explore the budding of our new world through such meaningful and insightful perspectives.

Those looking from the outside-in, should understand that our location may be in the middle however we are not medium. The diversity in the writer genres presented in this series brings forth a new understanding of physical, mental and spiritual health. Our keen awareness of the responsibility set forth with the power of our words becomes a restless movement on its own. This series analyzes the lives and careers of the Black Midwestern writer. To also display the fearlessness, it takes to write through such transformative times. Indeed, witnessing these creators leave their beautifully written marks on the world.

Like previous series, all articles for the Wildflower Project will be on Sundays, starting with September 27th. Series is set to run until January 10th. Below you will find the dates for the upcoming articles. We hope you enjoy.

  • 09/27–Danielle Davis
  • 10/04–Reonda Thompson
  • 10/11–Micheal B. Long
  • 10/18–Donna Jackson
  • 10/25–Letysha Montgomery
    • 11/01–BREAK
  • 11/08–Summer Javadi
  • 11/15–M. Palowski Moore
  • 11/22–Tori Stewart
  • 11/29–Natasha Ria El-Scari
    • 12/06–BREAK
  • 12/13–Nika Renee
  • 12/20–Tiffanie Roberson
  • 12/27–Dr. Annalise Fonza
  • 01/03–Sherri Hall
  • 01/20–L.T. Beauchamp
Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

Explorer of new worlds. Lover of Black music, art and culture. Writer and Editor for The Black Sunflower.

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