Letysha Montgomery: Writer and Women’s Health Advocate

Personal health change inspires self-awareness and self-advocacy for new writer.

It can get really challenging starting anything for the first time. To your surprise, the biggest obstacle often comes from yourself. It’s not so much of having the confidence to dive-in but the belief in oneself to carry the process through completion.  Of course, this always sounds easy enough but what exactly does that look like for each of us? Are you wishing on a star or trying to think “happy thoughts” to life yourself to the level that you want? Whatever it is, it is yours to own. Women’s health advocate, Letysha Montgomery gives a peak not her self-evolution with writing.

Pictured: Letysha Montgomery

When beginning a writing career, it can seem like an uphill battle. Finding purpose through our work makes the decision to trek on a whole lot easier. For writer, Letysha Montgomery, books and literacy have always attracted her. Figuring out when to take the step into writing as a contributor was a different story. She spoke candidly about her experience with Endometriosis approximately this time last year. Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus which can cause a great deal of pain and have varying symptoms.

I’m a physical book person. I’ve read so many books about so many topics. It’s something to refer back to“. -Letysha Montgomery

Prior to Montgomery’s diagnosis, a writing career was not an immediate focal point in her life. She states that the schools she attended in the Olathe and Shawnee Mission are of Kansas helped foster her love of business. Her inquisitive nature influenced her to continue to receive her B.A. degree in Business administration. Her creativity flourished as she built her personalized style and Jewelry brand line, Stand Out Style Jewelry.

Montgomery modeling pieces from her
Stand Out Style Jewelry line

In addition to growing her business, Montgomery has spent time speaking to and encouraging Kansas youth as a substitute teacher for the last 4 years. The culmination of her life path at the time helped shape what she felt her purpose was, through writing. Using her voice to shed light on more personal experiences with Endometriosis and the extreme importance of advocating for oneself health wise. “My book is more of a personal journey and information for women,” she speaks passionately. She states that she has begun writing a book that etches out the details of her diagnoses and hopes to encourage more women to advocate for themselves on their health concerns.

I want health to be my choice” –Letyshia Montgomery on self-advocay

Going through the journey as a patient she describes her frustrating consultations with doctors, failed attempts with birth control and not fully understanding what all the symptoms are.  “As women, we sometimes don’t want to or get scared to advocate for ourselves. Afraid of being pushy or angry”, Montgomery stated. This fear of being labeled or judged can deter us from many things. To the point that we may cause someone to second guess their own physical and emotional health.

Montgomery aims to write in a point of view that allows her to share her story and spread awareness on how women can navigate their own personal journeys. In her book, she also looks to focus on the role of your physician(s) and what kind of impact a trustworthy relationship looks like in this space. Placing emphases on the differences in care she received once making the decision to switch to a Black physician.  Self-advocacy and the trust in your physician should go together. These are two things that can only work together for the better, ideally.

Pictured: Letysha Montgomery

Letysha Montgomery’s story compels me to continue using my voice. Communication and the unique way we share our stories impact our overall health and responsibility to each other. Individually, we find our special way of passing on our knowledge to help guide others when times see fit. We are passing down our lives as examples for one another. To seek a wisdom through trusted lenses.

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