Welcome to the Party: A Sultry Celebration

Bringing in another year of growth and prosperity by connecting through music.

My birthday is less than a week away and plans have been hard to pin down these days. Normally, I would have plans to be out, dancing, singing loud and enjoying the energy of friends and family. Of course, eating good and soaking up my gratefulness for another year of life are always top priorities as well. This year has been tough; however, I don’t believe those days are completely gone but that I just may need to be a little more creative this time around.

In preparation of my forthcoming book, I’ve put together a playlist of the most influential artists that have helped me understand and craft the story I have been inspired to share with the world. Each writing session has cultivated such relentless emotions, while reinventing the sweet movement of my body. Realizing that my mental health and muscles have needed such music in this wound-up time we are in, I would like to invite you all to share in the experience with me.

While the playlist features over 4 hours of music, it also includes well-known musicians from and/or residing in Kansas City: Chicago Beau, Like a Tiger, Love, Mae C., Christian Stephone, the Hand Me Downs, and MABkc.  You will find their music shuffled throughout with genres such as Punk/Rock, Blues, R&B and Hip-Hop. These artists remind me of the diversity of our music in Kansas City and have pushed me in ways unimaginable. I am extremely proud to have them play an integral part in not only my book but as I continue to find exciting ways to emphasis my growth and endurance of life.

The Black Sunflower
Party playlist available on Spotify and Apple Music Saturday, March 6th at 5pm CST.

This will not be like your other virtual events you have been invited to this past year or previously. Forget the awkward eye contact and muted mics from your laptop for this party. No call-in code necessary. If you know me, even a little bit, I ask that you celebrate my life with your movement. I want you to dance fearlessly, revive the strength in those knees, hips, hands and voice once more. Rejoice and know that I am there, sharing those outrageously fun moments like any other time we have gotten together.

The playlist will be available at 5pm CST on my birthday, March 6th on Spotify and Apple Music. Whether you are home alone, sharing space with your family or taking a slow drive through the city; sing along with me, waves your arms in excitement and dance in acknowledgement of your own life’s wealth. Share in the luxurious feeling of completing another trip around the sun.

Pick out your pair

Also, if you are looking for some fun, sexy socks to slide around the house in, during our dance party, our newest partnership with Carter James Lifestyle Group has what you are looking for. The collection from Troy Manson Signature is sure to get your feet ready for an eventful night. (Also have a pretty sweet deal going on right now too). Check back with us this Saturday for the playlist details.

Michelle L. Hill
Embodies the peace adventure yields, is home in the beyond, and establishes foundations needed for others to experience true wonder for themselves. Writer for The Black Sunflower.

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