“Before the Storm Series”, Nicholas Ferguson Strikes Up Interviews with Kansas City Musicians.

A natural born creative hailing from Ferguson, Missouri with a heart of talent and an inquisitive mind.

Nicholas Ferguson, pen named Kindred, brings an electric element to humanity’s collective school of thought.  Working as a professional musician for many years, he’s worked behind the scenes with several Kansas City artists, both seasoned and up-and-coming alike, fulfilling his ambitions to be and see diversity in the world.  With an active community presence, Nick also maintains work in academia, providing the young minds with insight on life, the arts, and knowledge of self. 

Ferguson invites us to his Before The Storm Series, strategically spotlighting Kansas City’s brightest gems in music. The first artist being the talented Jade Green whose interview is scheduled for release Saturday, May 8th. In the coming weeks, we’ll also get acquainted with the musical stylings of Adeta Marie and Reveir Inferno. This is an ample opportunity to see how some Black Kansas City musical artists are evolving in their personal aesthetics, while strengthening the collective voice of our community.

Make time to meet us back here for a double feature next weekend with Ferguson’s interview with Jade Green on Saturday, and our UMKC feature from Writer, Sydney Jones on Sunday.

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