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It’s November 1st, a new day, and a new month of possibilities that most of us hope matches our intentions. Plus, the most significant part is a new beginning, as one reflects on life with the close of another year approaching. Twenty Twenty-three may be rushing towards us but that isn’t the energy that we have to meet. Instead, our focus should be on a calmer wavelength, one that welcomes introspection. Although there are many people that help to nudge those feelings, I must specifically speak of the inspirational henna artist, Mari Randle .

Mari Randle

At 25 years of age, St. Louis native, Mari Randle has managed to showcase her talents and enthusiasm about life through many channels and through varying formats. Her innovative work has been seen and experienced at countless pop-up venues across the Kansas City metropolitan area. I was lucky enough to work alongside her as a vendor at the “Manifest Your Dopeness” event, held early last month at Spirit Life Apparel and Screenprinting. The event spurred a whirlwind of emotions as a passionate group of people gathered, realizing their highest individual potential. The speakers carved out points alluding to leadership, strength, organization, belief and giving grace to ourselves while traversing each of our chosen paths. There was a sense of renewal, vibrating off the walls, connecting with each of us and my conversations with Randle only enhanced theses highs from the day.

She remained optimistic and upbeat throughout every interaction that day, continuing to provoke thoughts of encouragement. Weeks later, this led to booking Randle for a henna experience for a best friend’s birthday with a small group of our friends. Her unwavering, creative energy walked through the door alongside her. A light step and a strong smile held up as she greeted everyone present, while we ventured to try out something new for the evening.

One-by-one, we took a seat across from this warm woman, entrusting our delicate hands to her skillful eye. Dance and laughter filled the room as the group of women shared stories, advice, food and music tastes. Many intriguing questions came across to Randle while she worked. She responded to a few, telling how the largest piece she had done was on a shoulder, how a bald man had requested something unique on the side of his head and that she was commissioned for a thigh piece the following day. She also talked about jokes she got about her age frequently. Laughing as she stated that her reply was usually, “I’m old enough to be your older sister!”. For some, she may be considered young, however, her wisdom extended far beyond that of her physical age.

Mari Randle Henna Design. Model: Michelle Hill

During my time in the chair, I solemnly watched her create a design just for me. Hesitant at first to ask questions as not to disturb the process, but she was open to the conversation. Our exchange consisted of finding clarity, stillness and reflections on love and relationships. This was only my second time meeting with Randle, yet it didn’t feel like it. In the ease of our conversation, there was comfort and understanding. Most importantly, it felt without judgment. And how could there be? She did not know much of my past but only spoke highly of my future. Only truth and positivity exuded from the artist, affirming that the night and everything else I have the pleasure of looking forward to in life, was aligning in my favor.

Henna Designs by Mari Randle. Models (Bottom, clockwise) Sonia Pledger, Michelle Hill, Falan Morales, Davida Pleder, Jonea Pledger and Shamona Pledger

As she completed our pieces, we each took turns admiring the work she produced. The freestyled designs all demonstrated such depths in understanding her craft and even more so understanding the aura of the individual receiving the henna tattoo. Our personalities were translated effortlessly into more beautiful imagery than we could have imagined. I found myself glancing down at my own hands several times, seeing how the softness in the curved further highlighted the gifts of god that I’d been given.

“Your body is your temple and your only means of survival, take care of it”. -Mari Randle, The Remedys

Randle’s remarkable business, The Remedys, provided such a lovely experience for me and without a doubt many others whom she has serviced. She also hand-mixes various fragrances alongside her “Mo’ Body Buttercream” which I have also purchased. In tandem with the henna, the cream was the perfect addition. As I use it daily now, I’ve become more intentional with how I love on myself, in what ways I protect and cater to my body. These moments continue to bring a bit more sunshine into my life, on how to seek calmness in the waiting period, allowing the stillness to not leave me burdened with worry or regret. But to take advantage of the period of rest and restoration that the universe has graciously given me. Even better, knowing that these moments will come again, and again. Thank you, Mari Randle, for sharing your gifts with me and Kansas City.

Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

Embodies the peace adventure yields, is home in the beyond, and establishes foundations needed for others to experience true wonder for themselves. Creator of The Black Sunflower.

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