Fed with Love

The Decadent Arts Experience, 2023.

               Comfort, warmth, nourishment. Now and every season is the time to opening myself up to receiving these and much more. Each experience, project, and opportunity these past few years has continued to direct me inward to finding these. To prioritize my wellness from all aspects and to holistically reimagine what my needs are currently. Not only is it time to embrace this nourishment that I am feeding myself, but to loudly celebrate it. I want to welcome in this new year with a fresh perspective on love for myself but also on building a solid community from that same love.

               During the Thanksgiving break, I took some much-needed time away from the city. My first stop was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, enjoying a great night of catching up with a friend over delectable Thai food and drinks. Next up was Uhland, TX outside of Austin, where I was met with warm embraces from more friends and savory Mexican food. Then lastly, was my week in San Antonio where I enjoyed plentiful charcuterie spreads, some zesty Mediterranean dishes and an unforgettable Thanksgiving meal made by the hands of one of a few great friends I visited during my time there.

               Each day was filled with such thoughtful and nurturing connections from the ones I love from a distance. The invaluable experiences and conversations weren’t anything new, but I had more time to enjoy such compassion from my peers. The gratefulness of feeling “at home” with every one of them enriched my spirit with each passing moment. As always though, those moments are fleeting. I recognize that food and life is more than just the recipes. It is the people that are the unique ingredients to a fruitful life. It is our relationships and vulnerability to indulge in them, that keeps our lives warm and with meaning. Understanding this, I brought these ideas with me, back to Kansas City. I want to bring a taste of this experience and these feeling to a much larger group of like-minded people in our community.

               Debuting February 2023 will be the culinary arts series. The series will feature Darian Nave, Jonea Pledger, Stephan Haynes, and Traci Lee, which will lead up to The Decadent Arts Experience on March 25th. The event is scheduled at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center for an evening of up-scale banquet-style tastings from the artists. The night will also open with a refreshing art exhibition from recently featured digital artist and painter, Lia Franae. A variety of ticket options will be available to bring one or many friends along with you for this epic night.

Tickets will go on sale Monday, December 19th at midnight and will run until February 28th or until sold out, so don’t wait. Lastly, leave a review for Avalokita: A Bouquet of Short Stories and Poetry for $5 off ticket purchase.

See event details and purchase tickets- HERE

Buy a copy of Avalokita and/or leave a review- HERE

Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

Embodies the peace adventure yields, is home in the beyond, and establishes foundations needed for others to experience true wonder for themselves. Creator of The Black Sunflower.

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