Spicing it up for the Spring

The Fed With Love series premiers on Tuesday, February 21st.

Now that the “day of love” has passed this month, let’s get real about one of my favorite ways that I’ve been shown and shared love. Through food, I have witnessed the most impactful demonstration of care, one of many instances and examples from my parents. There’s nothing that could have replaced those moments of nourishment. Watching my father dance around the stove, grooving to The Temptations. Or peeling sweet potatoes with my mother, with her gospel music whirling in the background. Those memories of physical closeness may continue to fade but, in those moments, I know that I was being shown special care and most certainly, fed with love.

To me, food fosters a deep feeling of being loved from the inside, out. May not be something easily reached but it is absolutely worth it every time. When done right and made with the right hands, a fullness swells within you. A gentle reminder that you deserve people in your life who deliberately create experiences that not only elevate our taste buds but to elevate the way we think and care for ourselves. This is why I am beyond excited to begin this next series with a few of Kansas City’s finest Black culinary artists. Our official kick off will be this upcoming week, with Stephan Haynes.

As we venture through these next few weeks with the interviews of the four featured artists, we recognize that there is less than two months away from an intriguing night of art and food: The Decadent Arts Experience. The culinary artists have mulled over their menus, carefully consulting the best ways to deliver dishes to remember. Each one pushing themselves in some capacity or another. We anticipate a night wonderful food, art and conversation. Enjoy the following articles for the Fed With Love series then come get a taste of what their cooking at the March event. Ticket sales end Feb. 28th.

Purchase tickets here –> The Decadent Arts Experience

(Updated 02/22/23)

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