From Full to Flooded

Perseverance on the rise.

I’ve hit a wall. Several actually. At times it has felt like at the peak of my personal and professional achievements, life throws its sour lemons my way. In my case of being outright allergic, there is no lemonade to be made. Forcing me to a point of just throwing everything out and starting over from scratch as I’ve done time and time again. There’s been a constant struggle to sustain my strength through stumbling creatively, dropping summer classes due to lack of focus, and acknowledging yet another act of unrequited love. The worst of it has been what feels like a failed attempt to bring my family together during one of the most painful tragedies we’ve ever had to endure. Even when I try to balance my wants and needs to get out of this funk, I end up landing in a gray area somewhere in the middle, sending another disappointment into view. How do I face these thoughts of disdain, disorganization and distrust that have lingered on for far too long?

Photo by: Sophia Hernandez

The answer was found during a moment of pause. To realize that I wasn’t broken but in need of a break, a moment of restoration not just to my mind and body but for my soul. Needing time to intentionally evaluate the path that has brought me to this point and to clear a new one, carrying all the growth and wisdom I had gained along the way. Being reminded to admire the flowers in all their vibrancy and the cheerful birds, imagining that they are singing only for me. This allowed a moment of realization where my feelings of gratitude watered my seed of faith, in turn expanding my confidence and opening my mind to new possibilities.

During my reflection, what easily came to the top of my mind was our last event held. The Decadent Arts Experience started as such a small idea and rolled into moments of such joy. Stephan Haynes, Darian Nave, Jonea Pledger, and Traci Lee all deserve their flowers for delivering such memorable pieces of edible art. And of course, opening the night with the art showcase by Lia Franae was the icing on the cake. I cannot express my appreciation for all of those involved in making such an incredible night happen. While nothing is perfect, that experience continues to teach me more about myself and what is up next for the platform.

Stephan Haynes, Darian Nave, Jonea Pledger, Traci Lee, Lia Franae-Photo by: Sophia Hernandez

The first half of the year may have had me full of emotions and moments of doubts but just over the past few weeks I have felt flooded with encouragement, excitement, gratitude, and an exponential outpouring of love. The second half of the year is shifting and shaping up to be a period of change, another renaissance within myself. I have my eye on some great people that I am more than sure that Kansas City will appreciate. New series and exciting live events are on the horizon for us. I want you all there every step of the way. More communication in the coming weeks but until then, enjoy a few shots of our last event experience. Also, videos of this night are coming soon as well. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Drew ~7/21/2005-05/23/2023

Michelle L. Hill

The Black Sunflower Creator

4 responses to “From Full to Flooded”

  1. Ure are a very bright and brilliant young writer, PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. You do have such a loving heart, and a mind that is so remarkable, keep on keeping on, n just keep GOD IN THE MIST OF IT ALL. LOVE YOU

  2. You are a remarkable, talented writer/creative. Pursue your dreams, cherish the journey and continue to share the inspiration of your determination/tenacity.

  3. My daughter all the joys of happiness that God has for her. Your writing and thoughts are amazing and the gift continues as this year had so many twists and turn. Continue to reach for the stars. You are bright and beautiful!❤️

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