Are You in a Band on the Come Up?

The Black Sunflower seeks eager local bands for Spring competition.

Today marks 9 years since losing my father. You may think I write about him a lot but, honestly, thinking of him is what fuels me most days. Thinking of his laugh and his joy in life. But there’s one thing that’s been playing in my head lately; his singing. Like myself, he had a lot of things that he was passionate about and music was definitely one of those things. He inspired me to take up the viola, the saxophone and singing in choirs. Although I loved each experience, I knew my limits as an artist in those spaces and later landed on writing instead (as you can see).

I may have shied away from playing but my appreciation for the artistry grew as I did. However, in 2014, my interest was stunted after my father’s death. Realizing that music connected me with so many memories I have, and pain stung when hearing certain songs that reminded me of him. It has taken years for me to find the comfortability around engaging with music again, but I am thankful to have made it back to this point. Which is why this spring, The Black Sunflower will be hosting its first music competition in Kansas City.

On Friday, September 8th, submissions will be open for audition videos. We are looking for live bands that feature 3 or more instruments (yes, vocals count as an instrument). Submissions will close Monday, October 2nd, at which time our Band Selection committee will review and decide on which bands will move forward. These bands will bring their unique sounds for three rounds of musical showcase. For this competition, we have already prepared cash prizes, paid studio time, an exclusive marketing package and more.

Submission requirements:

  • Band must be based in Kansas City.
  • Original music only.
  • Band must consist of at least 3 members playing live instruments.
  • One submission video will be accepted per band.
  • The Band Selection team will only review videos between 2 minutes and 6 minutes.
  • Submission videos can be from prior performances or from a recording practice in the garage. It is not a requirement to have performed live before.
  • All genres of music are accepted.

Submissions are closed.

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