Photosynthesis: Week 6

Seeking the sun and the challenge of the chase. Anytime you say or plan to do something specific, life has a way of challenging those intentions. As if testing your seriousness, making you work for what you seek. That is certainly what has happened these past few weeks. I set a goal to document my hair growth through photos with the sun acting as creative … Continue reading Photosynthesis: Week 6

Photosynthesis: Week 2

“Finding Your Sun” self- portrait photo series continues with second week of the Black photosynthesis journey. This week marks 1 year since my last big chop. In most cases I went for the dramatic cut either because of inspiration or just simply not wanting to deal much with my hair in summer months. Each instance sensing a renewal of energy and excitement. This time was … Continue reading Photosynthesis: Week 2

Photosynthesis: “Finding Your Sun” Photo Series

A growing self-portrait series attempts to help find sunshine through clouded confusion. I made an interesting promise earlier this year. I dedicated myself to taking more pictures of my hair in the sun this summer. Now, when I made these plans, I envisioned myself on a beach or some downtown setting of a different country. Was off a bit there. The unexpected good news is … Continue reading Photosynthesis: “Finding Your Sun” Photo Series