Christian Stephone: Emotionally-Creative Kansas City Musician

Here we are at this turning point. Contemplating on the corner of our purpose as we begin to navigate through necessary, and what can be some uncomfortable changes. Moving with a sincere focus but still bracing yourself for the impact of a possible crash. Defensively, you guard yourself because the stakes are higher now and the risks are heavier than you could’ve ever imagined. But you’ve been coasting long enough, autopilot won’t see you through to this destination. The time has come to grab the wheel with all the firmness of your faith, driving straight towards the light of your dreams. The closest thing to feel this rush on your own, is witnessing someone else taking this journey and for me it was watching Kansas City musician, Christian Stephone, creating and conquering this pivotal moment with his craft.

Friday, November 29th-

It’s been exactly one month since I’ve been back in San Antonio, TX but today, it’s time to head back to my beloved Kansas City again. I’m sitting at the airport terminal, revisiting the valuable moments I’ve spent with the close circle of friends while here. I’m leaving but returning with me are lessons in love, perseverance and most importantly a deeper appreciation of my journey as a budding artist. This is most certainly contributed to frequent conversations and interview with Kansas City, Missouri talent, Christian Stephone. Powerhouse in his field, he brings an unquantifiable energy to the music industry; himself.

“The midwest is like the middle east; they don’t want you to know about us”. -Christian Stephone

Singer, Song writer, and lyricist are just a few talents that Christian holds but directly he states, “I create”. Inspirational as it already is to observe the multiple forms of his creative process, the most notable is how he continues to focus on his personal growth through his artistic evolution. During our interview, we touched on his transition with the number of recent singles he released in the past few months. Demonstrative of his uniqueness of sound, he partnered with his long-standing DJ and KC music producer, DJ Statx, to supply his fans with hits such as Come Here and Bootci S**t. These became favorites quickly but this vocal musician is only beginning to ramp us up for so much more, which brings me to the below single, Chocolate Dutch.

Christian Stephone on Chocolate Dutch single: “Chocolate Dutch is to show you transitions in music style. I can do everything that your favorite rapper can however I’d rather do music that touches your soul”.

The sultry sounds of this track sink in deep with the perfectly-bluezy Kansas City vibes rolling in like waves while background vocals swirl through the air in a cloud of smoke. The stomping presence of the organ and light guitar riffs wrap around Christian’s voice with a relaxation that makes you want more with each listen. No doubt of the influence he is leaving on the culture, I had to ask what was most challenging about pursuing a craft with this type of range and dynamics. He states, “It’s being stuck between what you want to do versus what’s needed.” This hit home for me, as well as I know many artists share those same feelings of frustrations, regardless of the type of art they produce. Although acknowledging the obstacles, he remains motivated as there is no time to wait. “I want to do so much and there’s only so much time in this world.”, stated Christian.

Christian Stephoe Ft. Zoey Artise-Fighting

Christian’s stance of making his time count is also evident in yesterday’s newly released track titled, “Fighting”, featuring fellow KC artist, Zoey Artise. This track tells you of a story of couple, experiencing the inevitable arguments but instead of the focus being on the fight itself, the focus is shifted to their love for one another. The steady beat creates a calming space for Zoey’s soft-flowing vocals coupled with Christian, lyrically-flipping his ice-breaking verses. Undeniable. This is certainly indicative of some of his upcoming projects he shared with me, one being that he seeks to complete a fast-pace series of dope lyrical content with “100 Freestyles” to be released going into the new year. Lastly, with much anticipation, we can expect a full album within the next few months. Again, pushing the boundaries (as he does so well), you can expect to see his talents take on an alternative route of his music aesthetic with the introduction of his group; The Hand-Me Downs. With an album garaunteed to grab your attention, you’ll take note of his work on vocal arrangements, song writing, video production and a most impressive story-telling ability.

Christian on pride for his city: “We’re apart of the gateway to a lot of art…such a beautiful culture. I think it’s important that we still have our community kept alive. I’m proud of who we are”.

Christian’s drive and passion towards his music silently provided me with encouragement on my path, going through this current state of transformation and reinvention of myself. It is no easy feat by any means but when I witnessed the persistence of this incredible artist first hand, it becomes easier to move forward and more specifically gives permission to pursue my craft with all the fullness that is myself. With constant expression of his being, he is sure to make an impact on Kansas City and also provide an example of how much more powerful we are when we can find our way in this world, by being our true selves. Thank you Christian Stephone for reminding us that we are enough and that our potential is limitless.

Written by Michelle Hill

See you next Sunday for our next Kansas City artist review: Taylar Sanders

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