Queen Latifah: All Hail the Queen

As her reign continues, we bounce back to the Queen Latifah’s trailblazing debut album; All Hail the Queen. There are many reasons why I’ve idolized Queen Latifah for so many years as the multi-talented artists has caused movement in my life and for others, spanning generations. The one reason that stands out the most is her role as Khadijah James in the hit 90’s sitcom, … Continue reading Queen Latifah: All Hail the Queen


Transplanting: A Review of Octavia E. Butler’s “Parable of the Talents”

A whole lot of things have changed. My outlook on the world had shifted along with how I perceived myself. Wandering around a what seemed to be broken country, picking up pieces of myself along the way. Decades have passed but the one thing that has always been prevalent is my heightened sensitivity and awareness of my emotions. I’ve been aware-yes, but the understanding wasn’t clear until recently. The struggle of searching for such understanding pushed me into dark places and into unforgiving friendships and relationships. I’ve lost myself many times, each time rising to a new level as I continued to learn and grow despite however low my depression managed to take me. No matter what, love came to find me one way or another, in people, places and in all the quiet moments to myself in between. I found something so empowering and self affirming in those moments these past few months, as I allowed Octavia E. Butler’s writings to imprint itself on my heart and encourage my desires to be openly outspoken. She has aided in this season of my life in many ways, giving life to my newness in the artistry while teaching me so much that which I hope to share with someone else.

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