Why Michel’le Should Be On Your Favorite 2-Stepping Playlists

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Whether it’s sliding across the dance floor with a partner or belting the words from your seat, Michel’le’s debut album gives us gems that has always left our hearts wanting more.

For the first article of Debut Reviews, I thought it would be appropriate to open with the late-eighties R&B singer, Michel’le. Interesting enough, I found that I had more in common with this artist than just our names as there were 2 singles that began to resonate with me more and more with each listen. It’s no secret that Michel’le’s music has lasted over thirty years and for good reason as the iconic artist pours her heart and soul into the lyrics, with instrumentals and harmonies combining for an unforgettable love story. These songs created a groove so smooth while releasing a vibe that encourages a closeness and intimacy that is a must for chill-kickback functions. Whether you already have a 2-stepping playlist set or you’re just getting started, Michel’le has clearly earned her spot in the mix.

Notable tracks from Michel’le’s self-titiled debut album:

Something in My Heart

Saxophone opens the conversation of the song, immediately it feels like your favorite heartbreak. The song glides into the headstrong harmonies that just won’t let go and the rocky entanglement of all the changes and feelings expressed. There’s a twinkle of hope in the instrumental background, highlighting those last words to be said to one another as the turning point of the relationship awaits in these moments. The anticipation rising and floating between verses, chorus and the hook to keep you entranced with the allusion of love finding its way back to you. Holding on to each word with the beating of your strained heart, we both know that giving up is not an option.

 Silly Love Song

It’s nothing but it’s everything. The bass guitar and piano tango through the track, drifting through the lovely intentions being sung by Michel’le and the backup vocals. You notice the echoing snaps climb towards the drumming of the chorus, keeping your sensations fixed on the bounce and ease of the song. You feel the instruments sing their individual praises, exclaiming a love so profound that it warrants a written song of it’s wonders. “So silly”, Michel’le repeats as if attempting to talk herself out of the whirlwind feelings that are taking over her thoughts and heart. Without a doubt, my mind and feet want to wander to the dancefloor, hips swaying in unison with my person as I let these words and musical aura fill the atmosphere with the magic of affirmations. Oh, to be wrapped, physically and spiritually in this love.

Michelle Hill
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