Black Writers of KC Announced for Upcoming Series

For third Kansas City series, The Black Sunflower annouces the featured Black writers to be interviewed.

Over a week ago, we put out a call to Black artists who share their voices through written content in the Kansas City area. After combing through an overwhelming amount of submissions from varying genres, we were encouraged to expand our features. Versus the 8 featured slots we mentioned before, there will be 15 writers for us to explore and highlight. Each one bringing a unique vision and perception of the Black experience in the Midwest. The series is due to start in September tentatively after we’ve conducted all of the interviews. We look forward to welcoming you back to share in this experience and to support the lives of these creatives.

In no particular order, here are the Black featured writers of the upcoming series:

  • Victoria “Tori” Stewart
  • Reonda Thompson
  • Summer Javadi
  • Nika Renee
  • Tiffanie Roberson
  • Jorge Fuller
  • Annalise Fonza
  • Latysha Montgomery
  • M. Palowski Moore
  • Lincoln T. Beauchamp
  • Donna M. Jackson
  • Danielle Davis
  • B. Michael Long
  • Sheri Hall
  • Natasha Ria-El Scari

While you anticipate the next series, review previous interviews HERE

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