Chaka Khan’s Hello Happiness-Album Review

Perfect feel-good music, Chaka Khan once again reintroduces us of love, funk and happiness in latest album.

The undisputed Queen of Funk continues to share her ever-growing influence with fans with her latest album. Chaka Khan’s blazing 2019 album, is waking and working us up for the new Renaissance year that is quickly coming upon us as we find ways to move through 2020’s challenges. The fundamentally funky sound coupled with Khan’s resounding vocals, wail with passion and fire. If you haven’t already, get into this undeniable groove.

Notable Tracks

Hello Happiness

Found myself with some heavy feelings lately but this song is a reminder of what I need in times like these; music. It has the power to help shift you back into yourself, back into happiness-no matter how long it’s been. Suspense builds while the baseline encourages movement, Khan’s lyrics claiming that we explore and share our happiness on the dancefloor. A sweet feeling of release of blues and sadness one more time.

Like A Lady

What’s a more perfect opening for a love song than to hear the call and response of the string instruments, speaking with strength and intention. The trembling beat keeps your attention, but the lyrical harmonies gradually echo into the space where love awaits. Every measure is filled with certainty and gratefulness to finding a new love, a new home for your heart to find comfort.

Like Sugar

The triangle pings bring in a sea of sugar-sparkling imagery and energy, with the beat flips and turns on you. Sweet and satisfying with her style working the way it should, Khan fills out the song with self-proclaiming lyrics, belting her enticement of the music and mood. Drums banging a recognition of the moment we’re in, loving and living it confidently. 

Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

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