Photosynthesis: Week 2

“Finding Your Sun” self- portrait photo series continues with second week of the Black photosynthesis journey.

This week marks 1 year since my last big chop. In most cases I went for the dramatic cut either because of inspiration or just simply not wanting to deal much with my hair in summer months. Each instance sensing a renewal of energy and excitement. This time was different than the many other times before. Due to some medical issues I had last year, my hair began to fall out and thin in several areas. So, I did what I knew would at least look best; back to the big chop once again.

Thankfully, since then the issues have subsided, and I have grown to have a new appreciation for my crown. Although this time around, I found more gray hair than I was ready to accept, however wisdom has accompanied this change. It has brought on a certain awareness of time and appreciation for each day that I am here. Literally watching myself grow in my purpose is what I give myself with this series. It is a look in the mirror at who I have become while waiting to blossom into a livelihood only I can imagine. Here is week 2 of “Finding Your Sun” through these dark times.

More to come next week! Share your photosynthesis journey with us! Tag us in photos with hashtag #theblacksunflower #Blackphotosynthesis. Check out last week’s photos-HERE

Michelle L. Hill

Explorer of new worlds. Lover of Black music, arts and culture. Writer and Editor for the The Black Sunflower

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