Photosynthesis: Week 6

Seeking the sun and the challenge of the chase.

Anytime you say or plan to do something specific, life has a way of challenging those intentions. As if testing your seriousness, making you work for what you seek. That is certainly what has happened these past few weeks. I set a goal to document my hair growth through photos with the sun acting as creative director of each portrait. Well, since my last set of photos from Week 2 of photosynthesis, rain has poured from many charcoal colored clouds. Only dim rays peaked through for weeks. My schedule locked me inside for most of the better days as well.

I Found myself checking the weather desperately day over day. Wishing for the rays to wake me in the morning or the sunsets to turn me in at night. My worn out body had begun to crave the day. Noticeably missing the sun’s nutrients. But I tracked her down once more, felt the warm shimmer that had gone dormant in the previous days. Finally taking my turn, holding the light in my face. Here are a few of the photos to share.I will most certainly be getting at least one last set of photos within the next week or two as summer comes to a close. Also, as for my urge to feel the swing of a nice set of box braids soon.

More to come next week! Share your photosynthesis journey with us! Tag us in photos with hashtag #theblacksunflower #Blackphotosynthesis. Check out previous week’s photos-HERE

Michelle L. Hill
Michelle L. Hill

Explorer of new worlds. Lover of Black music, arts and culture. Writer and Editor for The Black Sunflower.

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